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Happy birthday

Six years ago today, Daisy and her littermates were born in the very same laundry room where her puppies were born back in May.

The occasion went a little differently back then, or so I imagine, because Chase delivered her 7 puppies in her crate with no one watching or helping. At least old Uncle Hobbes was in the next crate to offer moral support.

Fortunately, Chase delivered just fine, on her own. We came home to a big, early surprise. Everyone was healthy and Chase was a wonderful mom.

When Daisy’s time came, I vowed to be there for her, and kept my promise.

Happy birthday to Daisy, George, Nelli, Cozi, Rusty, and Maddie. Be good dogs. Love your humans.



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Fan club

Daisy went to the Livonia library today to work her shift as Reading Assistant. She was a little squirmy at first, wanting to visit her fish, but eventually settled down and by the end was curled up quite content to listen to the readers.

She has built up a fan club of 5 regular readers who come to read to her frequently. They were attending her in force today, greeting her enthusiastically when we arrived. There’s one little girl who reads the same book every time, memorized so she doesn’t even look at the words. The kids are all characters and really enjoy reading to Daisy.

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