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Green Boy visits with Kate and Jane

Green Boy visits with Kate and Jane

We built the Puppy Palace yesterday, and Joe and Kate came over last night to set up web cams. They brought the grandkids and we all enjoyed Paul’s great cooking afterward, especially the braciola (say: bra-ZSHOOL).

Of course, the main attraction was enjoying grandkids, and grandkids enjoying the puppies. Ted is 3 now, and Jane is 1. Although the puppies are still not quite ready for real socializing, they do have their playful moments. As Ted and Jane aren’t quite old enough to tolerate tiny puppy teeth and nails, we let Jane enjoy Green Boy since his teeth haven’t broken through yet, and she adored the way he sampled her fingers. Ted sat on the floor and puppies tried out his lap for size. He definitely enjoyed them a lot more than his first visit when they were only 3 days old.

Mom Daisy handled the visit with great calm, watching the human kids meeting her babies for the first time. She usually spends these family visits downstairs with George and Chase in the crates, but she had special privileges last night.

Puppies had their own family dinner, as you can see. They are now sampling solid foods with moderate gusto, still preferring Mom’s Milk Bar after the gruel appetizer. Compare the photo with mom with this one, taken just 3 weeks ago. Huge difference, huh!

The appetizer

The appetizer

Siesta time after the main meal

After dinner siesta

June 21, 2009 - Posted by | Daisy, Puppies

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