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Life->Death->Life watch

This is how Nature works.

Animals have no opinion on Death. My dogs may be curious about the flattened squirrel out on the street not far from our house, initially at least until it gets too funky for even them. They may be hell-bent to snag those aggravatingly tempting chipmunks, going so far as to demolish the yard in the attempt (a recent discovery: to discourage digging holes in your yard, sprinkle the spot with dog poop. If it worked for my dogs, it will work for anyone’s), but when the little critter is finally nabbed and dies of shock, the dogs quickly lose interest, leaving it in the driveway for me to find later in the day.

That reminds me of the time one of my dogs carried a seemingly dead opossum to the back door while we were watching TV. He was so proud of the feat (to be honest it was the one and only time we’ve seen an opossum on our property). But he then faced a dilemma. He had to walk over the seemingly dead opossum to come into the house, and he was curiously¬† loath to do so, walking around it instead. The sliding door being right next to us, we had a perfect close-up view of it arising from its dead, first twitching, then looking around carefully, then slowly getting his composure back, then scurrying off.

We tried to point out the on-going transformation to the dogs, but they were totally uninterested.

That chipmunk should have taken a lesson from the opossum. Play dead, and those fool dogs would have dropped you like a hot potato. As it is, it is now resting in the doggie waste trash can. RIP until trash pick up day.

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