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First photos

I did manage to grab the camera a few times and get some quick shots of The Arrivals, and here are 3 of the better ones.

First-born, first-suck

First-born, first-suck

Puppy No. 1 was born at 2:07 am, 3 hours after his water broke. I was getting worried as Daisy was stressing for a good long time, and sure enough, when he was born he was limp a short while until mom cleaned him up and he made his first gasp for air. That was a great relief to see, believe me.

I’m momentarily calling him Thunder (Kathy M. will understand; that was the name of her dog) as it was thundering outside.

This shot was taken about 12 minutes after he was born, cleaned up, weighed, and collared with his own dark blue zig-zag ribbon. Being a brand new mom, Daisy had no clue what to do next, and being a big whelping box and a bigger laundry room, human mom (me) expedited the natural process and directed her to the box and put Thunder to her teat. It was a great AHA moment for her. Dang if she didn’t suddenly realize this little fuzzy squirmy and noisy object that just came out of her rear and attaching to her teat was a Good Thing.

Each succeeding hour brought another littermate, and by the 5th, Daisy was a pro and handled the delivery well and calmly. She even picked it up herself and carefully carried it into the whelp box to place with the others. Seeing that was extremely rewarding, to see that she accepted the whelp box, the litter, her responsibilities, and the welfare of her puppies.

Mother and first-born daughter

Mother and first-born daughter

Little girl #1 was born second. She was alert on delivery and wasted no time voicing her protestations for the rude ending to the peace and tranquility of womb life. She is getting cleaned up by mom in this photo, and later got the yellow ribbon, weighed in, joined her older brother in the box and helped herself to the Milk Bar.

As you can see, Daisy did her birthing on the laundry room floor for all of them except for one, which was an interesting delivery. Puppy #4 spent some of his passage dangling hind feet first (the sac had been broken), sliding out and in, forth and back, while mom was distracted tending babies. Once again human mom (me) expedited the situation and placed a puppy to Daisy’s teat and the sucking got the contractions going and out popped Boy #3 into the whelp box.

Rear-first deliveries are problematic, since the larger skull follows everything else and the mom’s contractions are more about delivering the skull than the rest of the body.

There was at least one other puppy born rear first, but he was one of the first and Daisy didn’t have the distractions of dealing with a lot of babies, and he popped right out like the others.

The Milk Bar

The Milk Bar

About an hour after the last puppy was born and clearly no more were to follow this photo was taken, everyone cleaned up and color coded. Everything is running smoothly with no quirks in behavior. Daisy is turning out to be a great mom now that she has met the kids. The kids are acting as they should: noisy, hungry, seeking food, nursing, and sleeping otherwise.

Later in the evening they were weighed again, and 3 gained noticable weight. The other two will be getting help from me finding good spots at the milk bar so they don’t fall behind.

May 28, 2009 - Posted by | Daisy, Puppies

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  1. Congratulations on the successful delivery of Daisy’s first litter! The look great.

    Comment by Adele Yunck | May 30, 2009 | Reply

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