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Puppy watch, No. 2

This was a first for me: taking a dog’s temperature with a rectal thermometer. It was a first for Daisy too, I expect. But as requested by my vet, I bit the bullet and managed, and…it wasn’t so bad.

I’m of the philosophy that the less you know going into a Blessed Event, the more of a surprise it will turn out to be. I never knew what the sexes of my kids were until they were born. Why would I want to? It’s like using X-ray vision on your Christmas presents before you unwrap them. Where’s the joy and excitement?

A drop in body temperature indicates an imminent whelp, so Daisy’s reading of 99.6 degrees tonite is a good indicator, maybe, that puppies are coming within the next 24 hours. Maybe. It’s not always an accurate indicator. Another vizsla owner and associate of mine recently spent 2 days waiting for the whelp of her dog’s latest litter, all because the dog’s body temperature indicated imminent whelp. The poor woman was a nervous wreck when it was over.

Other than the temperature drop, Daisy is providing no other hints. Her mood and activity level is unchanged.

May 23, 2009 - Posted by | Daisy

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