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Running at Highland

George and Daisy at HighlandDaisy and George had a grand time at the nearby state park today. Highland Rec Area allows open running for dogs all year round. It’s a very popular weekend venue for the area’s upland sporting dog trials, and I’ve seen professional field dog trainers there working their clients’ dogs.

I was loaded with: blank pistol and blanks (Paul calls them crimps), water bottle, stick cheese, whistle, camera, keys, chapstick, leashes. I forgot the hunting cap. The dogs had their collars and hunting bells. What was wrong with this picture? Even for a casual spur of the moment excursion, the human still needed her tools.

We ought to go more often. It’s a 40 minute drive each way, and I am thankful that it’s even available to us. I am real uncomfortable running the dogs on any private lands that aren’t posted (that’s a state law here: private undeveloped land is available to the general public for running dogs and hunting, as long as there aren’t no-trespassing signs, and the time of year allows it).

Close to the end of the run, I noticed that George was gaiting wide at the front. Instead of single-tracking like Daisy and any normal vizsla, his front was rolling, legs placing wide, like you’d see with a wide-bodied dog like a bulldog. So I think a recent shoulder injury still isn’t healed, poor boy. As luck would have it, his annual is coming up real soon, and I’ll have the vet take a look.

Daisy stopped occasionally on the run, and I grabbed the opportunity to take a few shots showing her belly. Can you see the bulge? Well, okay, compare this photo with the show photo taken a few years ago when she finished her show title.

Peek-a-boo, I see puppy bulge

Peek-a-boo, I see puppy bulge

Finishing in Chicago, handled by Sue Branch

Finishing in Chicago, pre-puppy

This IS the same dog, believe it or not.

It’s amazing what a professional handler and photographer can do. And what a handsome boy dog can do to a girlish figure.

Actually, come to think of it, her joints seem looser. I wonder if being in a delicate condition is affecting her conformation. You moms out there will understand what I mean.

May 6, 2009 - Posted by | Daisy

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