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Daisy came out of the first litter I bred. After some research and arrangements, mom Chase spent a week being courted at the Happy Puppy Love Camp (my name for it), the guest of Ginger & John T., and dogs Dawn and Sky. The Happy Puppy providing the Love was Sky. Daisy and her litter mates were the end-result.

Sky is a nephew to our now-deceased dog Hobbes.  I had always liked the look of Hobbes, and decided to bring that look back with Chases’ puppies. His brother’s son Sky came highly recommended: handsome, recently took 3rd in Sporting Group, currently campaigned as a special, a therapy dog, and obedience dog. This breeding was a first for both Chase and Sky, and in addition it was an out-cross breeding, that is there were NO common ancestors going back 5 generations, so the outcome was a great big question mark.

Daisy and her littermates

The line-up: Nelli, Rusty, George, Daisy, Kozi, Maddie, and Clay

Serendipitously, although the puppies weren’t uniform in look (to be expected in an out-cross), they were all attractive, and some were actually show quality: Daisy, George, and sister Kozi, who went to live in Illinois. The 2 other sisters went to homes in Wisconsin (close to dad Sky), and the 2 other brothers moved upstate. Kozi did enter some shows for a short while. One of the Wisconsin girls rides shotgun with her owner, a state park ranger (how perfect for a vizsla!), and the other Wisconsin girl runs in agility and does a lot of swimming with her human den mates.

One of the upstate brothers was run over and killed by a car back when he was a year old. I remember visiting the distraught owners a week later. They were devastated. He was an extremely affectionate dog and they loved him to pieces, even let him sleep in their bed. Rusty, the other brother, does a great job of being a Family Dog.

I don’t communicate much with the owners anymore. They’ve mastered the art of being owned by a vizsla, heart and soul. It’s a wonderful state of mind to be in.

April 28, 2009 - Posted by | Daisy

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