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With Puppy

Daisy was bred for the first time to a handsome male vizsla 5 weeks ago. As far as romances go, theirs was short, very short.

Regis on point

Daisy's recent "beau", Regis, of the Paradox Kennel

The vet palpated (prodded her belly) a few weeks later, and determined that, yes, Daisy was “with child”, or in her case, “with puppy”. The vet stopped at the first little puppy lump so as to not disturb them.

My husband Paul has a wry wit. He now maintains that Daisy has only one puppy, the “golden child”, and will ask her occasionally how her puppy is doing.

A few physical and mental changes confirm her pregnant state. I used to be able to wrap my hands around the narrow part of her abdomen, fingers touching fingers, thumbs touching thumbs. The gap between the thumbs is now 2 inches wide.

We won’t be trialing in agility or obedience for a while, until at least after the puppies are weaned.

If you want specifics on the upcoming litter, visit the Documents page.

April 26, 2009 - Posted by | Daisy

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