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Storm Watch

The tornado siren heralded a little excitement today. Paul was cooking in the kitchen and the channel he was watching showed a decently ominous clump of storm clouds heading our way. ETA: 10 minutes. Naturally he didn’t stop what he was doing, but in my usual fashion I Prepared. The dogs were enticed outdoors to relieve themselves. I casually changed to jogging pants, gathered up the camera and some sudoku puzzles, and corralled the dogs into their crates in the basement.

While Paul continued to cook dinner, the dogs and I watched the storm from the much cooler basement. The crates are near a big sliding glass door on the north side of the house, for a nice outdoor view. I think if there was ever an honest-to-goodness tornado visiting us, it would probably suck out the dog crates where they sit (and Paul, upstairs in the kitchen), but long before then the dogs and I would have scurried to the basement bathroom.

They stayed calm through it all: hail, wind, thunder, lightning. It seems they understood why they had been crated, that they first sensed an Adventure with the tornado siren.

I think it helped that I stayed with them, quietly working my sudoku puzzle, giving them a sense of security. We were in a bubble of calm, surrounded by swirling tempest.

It was hailing at this point.

It was hailing at this point.

The storm was not the most spectacular in my experience, but we did have some damage: a chimney cap was torn off by a gust of wind.

April 25, 2009 - Posted by | Daisy

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