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Obedience Class

Ready for class

Ready for class

After a few weeks away, this morning I took Daisy to obedience class. She is training for the UD title, which is short for Utility Dog. This is the 3rd level in the road to an obedience champion title. I don’t plan that we’ll ever get that far, because it’s a loooooong trip. In fact, I’m content with just the 2nd AKC obedience title she earned back in January, the CDX (Companion Dog Excellent), but she enjoys obedience training very much so we continue. Also, it’s easier and cheaper than agility training, which requires working with obstacles that I don’t have at home.

She was really happy to be in class today, after being gone for a while, and a little stressed which affected her heeling. But her other exercises were pretty dead on. The scent discrimination exercise was flawless (that’s when she retrieves a dumbbell from a pile that has my hand-scent on it), the directed jump exercise was really good (that’s sending her out to the end of the ring, then directing her over one of two jumps on the way back to me). Her stand for exams were good too (from a heel, a hand/verbal signal stops her at a stand, I walk away about 10 feet, and another person physically examines her like at a conformation show). We’re still working on holding the glove firm until the release word, and the hand signal front from a hand-signal sit.

I expect most of you don’t know what the heck I’m talking about. But just so you know, it’s great fun and rewarding for both of us.

The long-down group exercise
The long-down group exercise
The long sit group exercise
The long sit group exercise

April 14, 2009 - Posted by | Daisy

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