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I was looking through some old photos of my dogs this morning, and came across some of my first dog, Cinammon.

She was 16.5 years old when passed away, a smallish dog (got the wicket called on her once in the show ring), lacking in substance and on the light-colored side for vizslas, but the angulation was decent. Emboldened with novice naivete, I learned the art of conformation showing and started entering her in local shows. Amazingly, at her 2nd AKC show, she won a 3-point major from the Novice class. I remember overhearing comments behind my back of incredulity that my dog won. I was ecstatic, and chalked up the win to my “natural talent”. It had to be that; she wasn’t that great looking.

But even a blind squirrel finds an acorn once in a while, and we had found ours early. Eight shows later, we had only 2 more points at one other show (a different judge, at least), so I decided the run (and joke) was over. She was spayed, and a few years later I took up AKC obedience training, and she got her Companion Dog title with some decent scores.

The photos that I had looked at this morning show her in amazingly decrepit condition, at the end of her life. She had fatty tumors all over her (benign, and not a nuisance), had lost a lot of muscle (from what little she had). At 10 years she lost an eye to glaucoma.

One time she wandered into a neighbor’s yard and they were so appalled at her appearance they asked what was wrong with her. They thought she was seriously ill.

I used to tell people at the end she looked like a cruel experiment on longevity; how long do you let a dog live, as long as they are not uncomfortable?

Cinammon passed away long before Daisy and her littermates were born.

Cinammon's 3-point major

Cinammon's 3-point major. I was pregnant with 3rd son John at the time.

Old dog Cinammon

Old dog Cinammon, eye-less side

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